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Welcome! You've found a software engineer living in Middle Tennessee. I'm a full stack developer with a focus primarily on Microsoft technologies, but the internet has really always been my passion. I practice in C#, javascript, CSS and anything related. I love software architecture mixed with some UX design. For fun, I do play a bit with my raspberry pi(s) and pico loaded with sensors and LEDs galore! So whether I'm tracking my plants soil moisture or monitoring my fish tank's temperature, there is always something lying around to distract me in my free time. I simply like to build things and always have.

Assignment Memphis - It Wasn't A Lack Of Vision That Sent Project Into Tailspin

When I'm not "playing computers," you'll hopefully find me hiking, fishing or even camping. I'm fairly outdoorsy, being an Eagle Scout and all. I try to hike often and take the occasional photo while I'm out. But be forewarned, there are a lot of wildflowers over at my instagram account. Tennessee has some absolutely amazing State Parks with Cedars of Lebanon being the closest to home. You'll probably find me there the most. However, my favorite place to go isn't a state park but rather The Great Smoky Mountains National Park in East Tennessee. The solitude and beauty are so soul refreshing.

In the fall - You'll find me on Saturdays watching/listening to the University of Tennessee Volunteers play. Being a graduate from the computer science department, my blood runs orange, as they say.

For anyone that may know me, I am certainly a pet lover. We've had many animals grace our existence and we currently have Maggie the golden retriever and Batman the pleco. Maggie loves to hike and will guide you far and yander, as long as the distance is under 2 miles. As a side note, she rarely retrieves anything. Batman is a sucker fish who lives most of time under a log (or in a cave as I like to call it.) Also, I've always been fond of goldfish and have had several over the course of my life. They are always named Alfred and you can read about them here: Alfred the Goldfish.


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