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Alfred The Goldfish

Alfred Cam: Live updates every minute. Lights on ~9am to ~6pm
Back in the summer of 1986 (no, this isn't a Bryan Adams song), when I was 11, I left my father at the barbeque contest in Memphis and wandered across the street to a carnival. I met up with one of my dad's friends and then I saw it. The throw-the-ping-pong-ball-in-the-fishbowl-and-win-a-fish game. I knew I had to have that fish!

My father's friend offered the guy at the counter $5 bucks for a fish, but he wouldn't take it (an obvious scam, of course). So we proceeded to shell out $20 bucks for a tiny goldfish that probably wouldn't last through the night... Little did I know that Alfred would live to be 16 years old.

Fast forward 27 years to a local county fair...

It was the first time my wife and I had willingly let our children run wild with the carnies. We sauntered between the livestock, booths and bands, hoping for a glimmer of our freed youths. And that's when I saw it - the beautiful fish filled tent, staring at me like a long lost child. Two dollars later and I was the proud new parent to Alfred III.

Did you know alfred is a tweeting fish? @AlfredGoldfish

The alfred cam constantly monitors alfred 24 hours a day. The custom software tracks his movement throughout the tank providing an exact location. Since his location is known, his twitter profile picture is updated frequently. His tweets are composed of madlibs that insert words based on his tank location. Not only that, he serves as a "Magic 8 Ball"! Simply tweet directly to him and he will respond with your answer. He also responds to direct messages... So I guess you could say, I talk to my fish. If you DM him a new madlib, he may even add it to his list.

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Alfred II (1986-2002)

Aug 23, 2013 #Winning

Alfred III